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Mesa Sunrise® Flakes with Raisins

Whole Grains
Gluten Free
Source of ALA Omega-3
Per 30g serving
Mesa Sunrise Raisin takes our best-selling gluten free cereal, and adds juicy organic raisins.

50 Best Low Calorie Snacks
Good Housekeeping

Best New Products, Sunrise Cereal
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Corn meal* and/or yellow corn flour*, raisins* (coated with sunflower oil*), granulated sugar cane juice*, flax*, buckwheat flour*, quinoa*, amaranth*, sea salt, tocopherols (added to enhance freshness). 

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A new family favorite
November 23rd, 2016

Man, this stuff grows on you. Now, we take this cereal everywhere and its worth every penny we spent. They are filling and rewarding. We always feel very satisfied after eating a bowl. We find that the bag just needs a little shake, now and then, to mix the raisins that settle. No problem there. It's just nature. Thank you, Stephens family.

Kanosh, Utah
Needs more raisins
November 10th, 2016

I am disappointed with the reduction of raisins in my last purchase. I deliberately buy this product for the blend of raisins in the serial. I took to the internet to complain & found in the comments that others complained about the high raisin content. Instead of leaving it be & getting your complainees to pick another product you have messed up my mix. Put the raisins back please.

British Columbia
Way too many raisins
August 5th, 2016

I used to love this cereal because the flakes are great, but recently, I have found an extremely excessive amount of sugar coated raisins in this cereal. I have to pick most of them out. I know companies are trying to put more raisins in products, because there is such an excess of them grown and produced, and it increases the weight, but it is very difficult to pick half of them out before eating, and the amount of sugar they provide is excessive. Until the amount of raisins are reduced back to what they were, I will stop buying this cereal. By the way, what does "Naturally Sweetened" mean? Does that mean that someone adds cane sugar "naturally" instead of while standing on a tightrope? Why not just say "sweetened with cane sugar"? And what does "juicy" raisins mean" Aren't raisins dehydrated grapes by definition. They are fine, but they are not "juicy."

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