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Gluten Free Brown Sugar Maple with Ancient Grains

Whole Grains
31 g Whole Grain
4 g Protein
1 packet (40 g)
Our new Gluten Free Hot Oatmeal is like sunshine for your taste buds! “Really? Gluten free that tastes this good,” you say? You bet! In fact, our gluten free products are favourites of folks everywhere. Why? Because they fl at-out taste terrific. We start with the purest, gluten free oats available and test them to the highest standards†, to ensure their quality before making any of our delicious hot oatmeals. Then we add ingredients like ancient grains, brown sugar and maple for added nutrition and flavour. †Our oats are tested using the R-5 ELISA test method to confirm purity.

NGREDIENTS: Gluten free rolled oats*, brown sugar*, granulated sugar cane juice*, maple sugar*, rolled amaranth*, rolled quinoa*, sorghum fl our*, natural fl avour, sea salt. *Organic. May contain soy or tree nuts.

INGRÉDIENTS : Flocons d’avoine sans gluten*, cassonade*, jus de canne à sucre granulé*, sucre d’érable*, fl ocons d’amarante*, fl ocons de quinoa*, farine de sorgho*, saveur naturel, sel de mer. *Biologique. Peut contenir du soja ou des noix.VEGAN / VÉGÉTALIEN

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Buy it all the time
August 2nd, 2017

Love this brand of oatmeal. Tried it many many years ago and buy it all the time now. I personally find that the Brown Sugar isn't too sweet and very well balanced to eat by itself. If you are one who is sensitive to sweets, I would recommend adding milk or more water. I like the text still even though when I first started purchasing this brand, it was grainer, which I prefer. But the good outweighs the bad on this product.

Love this oatmeal
December 12th, 2016

Our family loves the brown sugar maple oatmeal. It isn't too sweet and that is good because people like a differing degree of sweetness. Some in our family like their cereal sweeter so they just add some more brown sugar or maple syrup. We buy 6 boxes of cereal at a time. I would have given it 5 stars but the last box I opened several packets had bugs crawling around in the oatmeal I am guessing that the packets were not properly sealed. Never had that problem before this.

Temecula, CA
Best hot oatmeal I've found
November 29th, 2016

Great flavour and texture. Not sure what the other negative reviewer was talking about, perhaps that person is used to processed sugar-filled breakfast oatmeal. This is the best instant breakfast oatmeal I've found, and I've tried many. And it has great ingredients and nutrition profile; you can't take away junk, but you can always add your own additional quality maple syrup or other fresh spices (I sometimes grate some fresh cinnamon or nutmeg). This particular flavour is hard to find on its own, I first discovered it in one of the sampler packs. I you produce more of this!

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