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Flax Plus® Flakes

Whole Grains
Excellent source of ALA Omega-3
0g Trans Fat
Per 30g serving
Our top selling multi-bran blend boasts 5 grams of fiber and contains Omega-3 fatty acids.

Whole wheat flour*, wheat bran*, granulated sugar cane juice*, flax seeds*, oat bran*, barley malt extract*, sea salt, tocopherols (added to enhance freshness). *Organic. Contains wheat. May contain milk, peanuts, tree nuts or soy.

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Not bothering if product has changed
February 23rd, 2017

I haven't been able to find the NP Flax Flakes in my area for a very long time. Decided to order them from their site, but then read a few reviews. I am not going to bother if the product has changed. That is disappointing to learn. I really liked the original. I don't understand why companies mess with good products either. It has happened to quite a few food items we have enjoyed over the years. Hope you're listening Natures Path.

Say it isn't so
February 20th, 2017

Flax Plus has changed! I was hoping it was a few bad batches, too thin, flaky and so delicate it usually designates in my 'to go' baggie. Now I see it wasn't me, or a fluke. This version won't cut it. Bring back the old recipe!! It was the best!!

Denver, CO
Glad I read the reviews!
February 16th, 2017

I've been ordering the Flax Plus for years; I order the 35oz boxes in 6 packs. It WAS a great cereal. But now I see from the comments that NP has seen fit to change what was a superior product, and not for the better. If NP felt the need to alter Flax Plus, why didn't they just come out with a NEW, DIFFERENT product and leave the good stuff alone? Yeesh. Needless to say, I will not be ordering any more until NP decides to return to the "Good Stuff".

Grand Rapids, MI
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