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What is flaked yellow corn? Why is it flaked?

Corn can be flaked into a coarse meal or it can be ground into a fine flour. The different textures result in different textured flakes.

Which is better for you – rice bran or wheat bran?

Both are insoluble fibers, which mean they cannot be digested, and will therefore pass through the body. This is necessary for a healthy digestive system. Wheat bran has a better flavor (rice bran can be bitter tasting) and is more readily available.

What is flax meal?

Flax meal is composed of freshly ground whole flax seeds, which are the highest source of Omega 3 fatty acids derived from plant sources. Omega 3 fatty acids cannot be manufactured by the body, so they must be included in the diet. Unfortunately, today’s diets are composed largely of hydrogenated fats which do not provide the balance that the body needs for proper digestion and heart function.

Why use barley malt extract?

Barley malt extract is an organic sweetener made from sprouted barley. It contains complex sugars, which are absorbed by the body less quickly than refined sugar.

What is evaporated unrefined cane juice?

Refined sugar is produced through the use of chemical purification and bleaching of sugar cane which removes the mineral component of the sugar and is very hard on the environment. Evaporated unrefined cane juice eliminated the chemical purification steps of the process of turning cane juice into a crystalline substance, retaining its mineral content and creating less harmful byproducts to be released into the environment. It is composed mostly of sucrose and has the same sweetening properties as refined sugar.

Does Nature's Path use only organic ingredients?

Nature’s Path and EnviroKidz brands only uses ingredients as allowed by the National Organic Standards.  The standards have a few exceptions where it allows for some non organic ingredients (only up to 5%) for specific reasons.

  1. Ingredients that cannot be certified organic (for instance mined substances like those used in baking soda)  Note that organic certification is only available for agriculturally produced ingredients.
  2. If an agricultural ingredient is not yet commercially available in certified organic form, it can only be used if it has been evaluated and is listed on the National List.

Both categories have to be on the National List. This list is very limited and only allows products that have not yet been able to be produced in organic form and they also cannot contain any other prohibited materials such as harsh solvents or irradiation, GMOs or grown in sewage sludge etc.  Nature’s Path avoids using anything even from the National list whenever possible, however some of our products have some allowed colors or flavors that are not certified organic and that are on the National list.

We work with many of our suppliers to help convert conventional ingredients to organic as quickly as possible. We look forward to the day when everything is available in organic form. 

What does ‘packed without preservatives’ mean?

No artificial or chemical preservatives such as BHA or BHT have been added to the cereal. There should therefore be extra care taken to store the cereal in a cool dark place in order to preserve freshness.

What is Quinoa?

Quinoa (say keen-wa) is an ancient crop originating with the Aztec Indians of South America. Unlike most grains, it does not belong to the grass family, but is a relative of the garden weed called Fat Hen. It is very nutritious, containing between 13-15% protein with a good amino acid composition. Quinoa is also gluten free.

What is Spelt?

Spelt is closely related to common wheat, originating in the Middle East. It is higher in protein than wheat, and causes fewer problems than wheat for some sufferers of grain allergies. It has an intense nutty wheaty flavour.

What is concentrated grape juice?

Some of our organic Nature’s Path cereals are sweetened with concentrated grape juice instead of honey or cane juice. Some of the water has been removed from the grape juice to bring the level of naturally occurring sugars in the juice to approximately 60%. Grape juice is composed largely of glucose and fructose while cane juice is predominantly sucrose.

What does it mean to use filtered water and why do we do this?

The water used in the cereal is filtered through a fine mesh filter to remove any impurities that might affect the flavour of the product. Impurities could also effect the functioning of the equipment.

Where can I find my favorite Nature's Path Organic product in my local area?

At your local store

For a store location nearest you please visit our website http://ca-en.naturespath.com/about/stores .  This store list is just a small selection of possible stores. You will still have to phone ahead to check on the store’s current stock as products can change daily. We are not provided with information on an individual store’s daily stock of products as we do offer over 70 different products. 

In the supermarket

Nature’s Path organic  products are available in large supermarkets in the natural section and they are also available in natural food stores. Stores will sometimes order if you put in a special request. Stores in consultation with their distributors make their own decisions about which Nature’s Path products they will carry on their shelves.  Most major retailers stock a selection of our products. These stores include:

Western Canada

Buy Low: BC
Federated Co-op: BC, AB, SK, MB
Calgary Co-op
Choices Market: BC
Country Grocer: BC
Community Naturals: AB
Fairways Market: BC
IGA (Freson Bros): AB
IGA Market Place (H.Y. Louie): BC
IGA (Sobeys): AB, SK, MB

London Drugs: BC, AB
Nature’s Fare: BC
Nesters: BC
Overwaitea: BC, AB

Save On Foods
Urban Fare
Quality Foods: BC
Safeway: BC, AB, SK, MB
Thrifty Foods: BC

Eastern Canada

Avril: QC
Bulk Barn
Jean Coutu: QC, Atlantic
Sobey’s: ON, QC, Atlantic

Price Chopper
Marché Bonichoix
IGA Extra
Rachelle Béry
Co-op Atlantic: Atlantic
Metro: ON, QC

Farmboy: ON
Highland Farms: ON
Kitchen Table: ON
Marché Végétarien: QC

Michael-Angelo's Market Place: ON
Longos: ON
Rabba: ON
Tau: QC
Bruno’s: ON
Noah’s: ON
Fiesta Farms: ON
Food Basics

National Retailers

Planet Organic Market Wal-Mart
Whole Foods Market
No Frills
Western Grocer

Shoppers Drug Mart
Atlantic Wholesalers
Real Canadian Super Store
Loblaws Market Place

Shop Online

You can find all of our products, with the exception of frozen, through our online store or Amazon.com.

In the United Kingdom

For those in the UK, you can visit our local Nature's Path UK website or reach us at the following:
TEL: 0800 0723658
Email: ContactUK@naturespath.com

How do I read the month code dates on Nature's Path box tops?

You might have noticed that the code dates use abbreviations for the months of the year.  Here’s a break down of how it works:
MA for MAY

Does Nature’s Path offer coupons or product samples?

We occasionally have promotions, such as gift basket giveaways and new product sampling throughout the year on our website, and through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, or through privately run online blogs. Nature’s Path coupons are also available periodically in product packaging or in health & natural food magazines.

Local events provide a good opportunity to try our products. You can find samples and coupons at events such local in-store demonstrations, community events such as health or environmental fairs and fun runs. Please visit Events for possible sampling events in your area.

Discounted items can be found at club, discount, warehouse or close-out stores such as Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club or Big Lots.