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Jyoti Stephens

Jyoti Stephens has a deep-rooted passion for sustainability and organics. As a third generation family member and Senior Director of Human Resources and Sustainability for Nature’s Path Organic Foods, she is deeply committed to sustainable agriculture and the company’s mission of “leaving the earth better than you found it”.

Jyoti leads Nature’s Path’s commitment to sustainability, including initiatives around ethical sourcing, energy efficiency, waste reduction, community engagement and eco-friendly packaging alternatives. She works with cross-departmental teams to help manage sustainability goals and ensure the company is doing its best to create systems that reduce the unnecessary use of resources. Jyoti plays a critical role in managing Nature’s Path’s supply chain, ensuring that it meets the highest standards possible for sustainability. She is also in charge of the strategic direction for the human resource programs.

Jyoti served on the board of the Sustainable Food Trade Association for four years and chaired the Marketing and Recruitment sub-committee for the past year. She has been an active member of the Organic Trade Association (OTA) Fundraising team for the past year, helping the organization meet its key financial goals.

She was awarded the Women of Spirit Fledgling Chick award and in 2007, she won a competition fellowship with the Royal Society of Arts (UK). Jyoti was also the runner-up in Metropolis Magazine’s NEXT Generation design competition for Beeline, a project for optimizing and supporting local food systems.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Victoria and an MBA with a focus on Sustainable Food and Agriculture from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute.