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Gurdeep Stephens

Passionate and curious about the world around her, Gurdeep Stephens wears many hats as she shares insights into how we can leave the earth better than we found it.
Gurdeep, aka Deepa, is the daughter of Nature’s Path’s founders and has two young girls of her own. To help make this earth a safer place for all, she draws attention to what we put in our bodies, on our bodies, how we treat the planet and how we treat each other. Gurdeep complements her passion with a BA in Biology and a MA in Biopsychology from the University of Chicago. She has also completed PhD studies in Developmental Cellular Neurobiology and currently sits on the Advisory Council of The University of Victoria’s School of Environmental Studies.
An accomplished singer and published author, Gurdeep has made several recordings, including one of her grandfather Rupert’s song ‘This Earth is Ours’. "This Earth is ours to have and hold, this dust beneath our feet. We have these hands to cherish it to help the hungry eat. And if we treat it as our friend. 10 times it will repay. The sweat, the toil our good red soil, this Earth is ours today."