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Dr. Rimjhim Duggal Stephens

Dr. Rimjhim Duggal Stephens is a champion of health. As the Health and Nutrition Strategist at Nature’s Path, she keeps us on the cutting edge of nutritional advice and health initiatives. Her passion for writing and teaching are instrumental in helping get the word out about healthy eating.

Trained in medicine at Manipal University and the University of the West Indies, Dr. Duggal Stephens has always been drawn to healing through food. She went on to study nutrition science after completing her medical degree, and since then, her extensive knowledge has allowed her to help many patients manage their illnesses for which food was often a common denominator.

At Nature’s Path, Dr. Duggal Stephens drives the advancement of our nutrition programs, conducting nutrition research, supporting new product launches, and perhaps most importantly, acting as a wellness guide both within the Nature’s Path community and in the wider world.

Dr. Duggal Stephens and her husband, Arjan Stephens, co-created Love Crunch and have helped turn it into a delicious product line. Together they spearheaded Nature’s Path’s “Bite4Bite” initiative, through which we match every bag of Love Crunch granola purchased with an equivalent amount of food or cash for Food Banks across North America, up to $1 million annually.

A skilled teacher and writer, Dr. Duggal Stephens’ compassionate nature allows her to encourage others towards total wellness. She speaks on the benefits of making organic health choices, including everything from avoiding genetically modified foods to meditation.

Dr. Duggal Stephens is a published author, contributing to Meditation as Medication for the Soul, and is dedicated to promoting positive living in and outside of work. In her spare time she mentors a global young adult group that focuses on ethical leadership, service, and conscious living.