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Seven Projects We LOVE - Caring for our Food, People and the Planet

Posted by Nature's Path on August 18th, 2015 under General

If you're a fan and friend of Nature’s Path, you probably know we've spent the last 30 years loving the planet and the people on it through our tasty, organic food. But we're not the only ones showing love for food, people and the planet, so we thought we’d share seven of our favourite projects doing good for these worthy causes. 

1% For the Planet

Showing love for: the planet
Why we love ‘em: In ten years this organization has inspired more than 1,200 businesses to give more than $100 million back to “blue” or, this planet we call home. 1% members contribute a percentage of sales to non-profit environmental projects – and they’re making a big difference. (EnviroKidz is a 1% member!)  
Spread the love: Look for the 1% for the planet logo on products when you shop, donate to the cause directly, or sign your business up as a member. Learn more here

Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver

Showing love for: food & people
Why we love ‘em: Lead by the ever-loveable Jamie Oliver, this project aims to put ‘compulsory practical food education on the school curriculum. Their hope is that by educating kids about food, where it comes from and how it affects our bodies will prevent obesity and disease.
Spread the love: Sign it (their petition), share it (on social media), do it (implement healthy habits at home!). Find out more here.

EnviroTrip by EnviroKidz

Showing love for:  people & the planet
Why we love ‘em: This annual EnviroKidz contest sends kids (and their families) on the EnviroTrip of a lifetime – empowering little ones to make a difference for endangered animals while having a wonderful time. This year EnviroKidz is sending families down under to cuddle with and more importantly, to help save, koalas in Australia.
Spread the love: Grab a box of EnviroKidz products and enter into the contest. Every box of EnviroKidz cereal contains one entry (and lots of organic breakfast!) Find out more here (Canada only). 

$20 Million and Change by Patagonia

Showing love for: the planet & people
Why we love ‘em: Between their revolutionary and environmentally- minded business strategy and many inspirational, change-making projects – there’s a lot we love about Patagonia. $20 Million and Change is a recent project that sets out to ‘help like-minded, responsible start-up companies bring about positive benefit to the environment’ -
Spread the love: Submit your environmentally-responsible start-up for consideration here.

Healthy Child Healthy World 

Showing love for: people
Why we love ‘em: this organization works to empower parents, promote solutions and influence policy to create healthier homes and a healthier world for our children.
Spread the love: Sign up and spread the word with them.

Just Label It

Showing love for: food
Why we love ‘em: Created to advocate for labelling of GMO foods, Just Label It works to create awareness and education about the issue. Their website includes informative resources and easy ways to take immediate action in support of GMO labelling.
Spread the love: Donate to the cause or take action by signing petitions and sending targeted letters. Find out more here

Eat Think Vote Campaign by Food Secure Canada

Showing love for: food & people
Why we love ‘em: Eat Think Vote is a project organized by Food Secure Canada and other partners to bring attention to national food policy in the next Canadian federal election. Food Secure Canada works to advance food systems to achieve zero hunger, healthy and safe food, and sustainable food systems for all Canadians.
Spread the love: Learn more about this project, sign a petition, and get invovled here
Did we miss one of your favourite food, people or planet projects? Tell us in the comments below! 

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