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6 Healthy Snacking Secrets That’ll Make You Feel Great

Posted by Nature's Path on January 29th, 2015 under General, How To's, Sustainable Living

There’s nothing like an afternoon crash. No matter how focused you were all morning, come afternoon your energy flags, your eyelids get heavy, and your head feels foggy. “Cranky” might be the best (and nicest!) way to describe your mood. Wouldn't it be nice if you could turn that around with some healthy snacking solutions?

Here’s why you crashed:

It’s natural to get a little sleepy in the afternoon. Some cultures even have the afternoon crash built into their day – think the Spanish siesta. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for your “drowsy” setting. What you eat can make the difference between afternoon siesta and productivity fiesta.

Here’s how to snack your way around a crash:

Start the day right – For many people, skipping breakfast will have you snoozing at your desk by afternoon. A healthy, balanced breakfast will keep you alert throughout the day – experiment to see which foods fuel you and which drag you down. We love hearty oats for their staying power.

Steer clear of sugary snacks – There’s nothing like chocolate to perk you up, but caving to your sweet cravings is a short-term solution that just sets you up for another crash. To appease your sweet tooth, choose whole fruits.

Pick protein – Protein is the name of the game when it comes to an energy boost. Whether mid-morning or mid-afternoon, opt for protein-rich foods such as nuts and seeds. A protein packed snack can be as simple as a handful of organic trail mix, but feel free to get a little more creative (ants on a log, anyone?).

Build balanced snacks – While protein will help keep you awake, carbs have their place at snack time, too. Just be sure to keep them minimal – and preferably of the fruit-and-veggie type. Smoothies like this Qi’a Powerhouse Smoothie are guaranteed to give your day a boost.

Mix it up – Once you’ve nailed the protein factor, be sure to keep things interesting. Kids are notorious for ditching the fresh, shiny apple in their lunch bag – and adults aren’t much different! Bring nourishing snacks that also get your taste buds excited. We love taking basic hummus and blending in beets or greens for a new snacking experience every day.

Hydrate – and not with coffee! Sip on at least 2L a day and you’ll find your energy stays strong. Our go-to nutrition guru, Ashley Koff RD has some great tips on staying hydrated.

Of course, keeping your forehead off the keyboard till 5pm takes more than a handful of almonds here and there. If you’re feeling drowsy, take a quick walk or stretch it out to get the blood – and creativity – flowing again.

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