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Feel Good People

Posted by Nature's Path on December 4th, 2014 under General

We've been getting into the holiday spirit with our recipes in a serious way these days - our toaster pastries turned into "Gingerbread" Houses, our Love Crunch became Gingerbread Men and Gingerbred Brittle (are you sensing a theme, yet?). 

We've also been craving a little face time with you lately. What can we say, the festivities just put us in the mood! 

We hit the chilly (but surprisingly dry for November) streets of our Vancouver hometown to say hello - and spread a little holiday cheer. We came armed with bags of our Gingerbread Love Crunch - one for you, and one for you to give away. All we asked for in return was a smile and your message of thanks. 

Love Crunch has always been about giving back, thanks to the Bite4Bite model, where for every bag you buy we donate the equivalent in food and funds to the Food Bank. It's the perfect organic accompaniment to a #FeelGoodHoliday, plus it makes for a tasty breakfast - or lunch. Or dinner, we won't judge!

We're saving our extra bags of Love Crunch the special people in our lives. What about you - who's on your "nice" list?

"I'd like to thank my parents for their guidance." "I would like to thank my dad, Gary, because I love him." "I'd like to thank my Mom and Dad because they're awesome and they're always there when I need them."
"I would like to thank my co-workers for being more than my co-workers, for being my friends." "I own an antique store. This holiday season, I'd like to thank my customers for supporting small businesses." "I wanna thank Christina Li, my best friend at work for helping me and listening to all my problems."
"I'd like to thank my husband, Ryan. He's always there for me and he's my best friend." "I would like to thank Nature's Path this holiday season for such wonderful granola!" "I would like to thank my country for making me who I am."
"I'd like to thank my horse, Duke, for keeping me safe on the city streets." We loved these officers and their mounts so much we had to snap two photos! "I'd like to thank my parents for always making me smile, whether I'm having a rough day or far away from them - they're always just a phone call away."


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