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Eat Well Do Good History

At Nature’s Path we believe everyone has the right to quality organic food. That’s why we invite you to put your compassion into action each year to feed the hungry in communities where our Nature’s Path team lives and works. Thanks to our generous supporters and volunteers, to date we’ve raised more than $1.2 million worth of food for Vancouver, B.C., Bellingham, WA and Sussex, WI food banks.

The event began in 2009 when Arran Stephens, founder of Nature’s Path Foods, heard the Dalai Lama speak about compassion. He was inspired to put his own compassion into action in the community where he lives and works by creating an annual fundraiser to help feed those who need it most. As an avid gardener and organic pioneer, his natural instinct was to put his compassion toward promoting everyone’s right to clean food. Together with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society and generous community partners, Arran’s vision has helped feed 28,000 families.

At the first Compassion Into Action event in Vancouver, B.C., we invited our city to join us for a healthy, organic breakfast by donation to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. This heartwarming day of giving back has now evolved to become an annual organic cafe and marketplace where tasty, organic food is sold by donation to the food bank. The Foodraiser was highlighted by Food Banks Canada as one of the Top 10 Food Drives of 2012.

Moved by the success of our Vancouver events, in the Spring of 2011 we introduced our Eat Well Do Good foodraisers to the Bellingham community in support the Bellingham Food Bank, followed in the Fall of 2011 by the first foodraiser in Milwaukee with proceeds benefiting Hunger Task Force.