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Certified Organic

What is Certified Organic?

With all of the noise, buzzwords and confusing packaging out there, it can be hard to know exactly what you’re buying at the grocery store.  

But unlike other eco-labels (like the “natural” label), the certified organic label is backed by a set of rigorous federal production and processing standards.

Overall, these standards involve that the farming and production of all ingredients used are demonstrated to protect natural resources, conserve biodiversity and only use approved substances.

In the US and Canada, both the USDA Organic Logo and Canadian Organic Logo signify that a product is certified organic.  As of June 30th 2009, both seals are recognized as ‘equivalent’ by the US Department of Agriculture and Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Look for either the Canadian Organic logo or the USDA Organic Logo and you’ll know that what you’re about to buy is organic.


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